The Impact of Race on our Society

Monday, August 21st, 2017 @ 1:08PM

A statement by Ward Connerly:

As a nation, our flight to a better society has entered a patch of very severe turbulence; and, as is all-too-often the case, the matter of race is a major factor. Most significantly, it appears that hysteria has overwhelmed reason, a fact that is enabling a form of mob rule, with historical monuments being destroyed, and political demagogues exploiting our circumstance for their own benefit.

• Immigration, especially of the illegal variety, has occurred faster in major urban centers than we have been able to accommodate it;
• Hate and racism are being magnified beyond their true measure;
• there is a frightening readiness to stamp out and abandon fundamental values such as freedom of speech.

At a time when our nation is most in need of bold and decisive leadership, the man we have elected to lead us has been politically gelded by those who reject his presidency and who are determined to defeat him.

I don’t know what has to happen in our beloved country before we realize that subdividing Americans into numerous tribes and then distributing benefits on the basis of tribal affiliation is a recipe for social and civic disaster.

The evidence is compelling that for the sake of our national sanity, we need to alter course and squeeze race from American life. It is truly poisonous to the body politic! All affirmative action programs should be ended, and government forms that solicit information about race should be shredded. If President Trump wants to make America “great again,” that mission won’t be fulfilled until all that matters about a citizen’s identity is that he or she is American.

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