Rest in Peace Joe R. Hicks

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 @ 3:26PM

As the chairman of the Proposition 209 campaign – the statewide ballot initiative to end race preferences in California – I experienced many high as well as low moments.  Among the highest was a debate with a Los Angeles community activist whom I had not previously met.  His name was Joe Hicks, and he was one of the most knowledgeable and articulate individuals that I faced during the campaign.

On the morning after the election, I received a very gracious, congratulatory call from Joe.  While the call itself was a surprise, what was truly surprising was his intellectual honesty.  Joe shared with me that as a life-long civil rights advocate, it troubled him that he had been in the position of opposing an initiative that would do that to which he had devoted his entire life; namely, guarantee equal treatment to all without regard to race or ethnicity.

I have had many debates and discussions  with Joe since then. He was always a voice of reason and soon became a trusted ally and a dear friend.

Joe was a powerful defender of individual freedom and equal treatment of all Americans by their government. He was a brave man who always voiced his opinion with conviction and a great deal of humor.

Our world is a little darker today without Joe Hicks in it. I will miss his friendship and steadfast support of our mutually shared causes.  There will be an empty chair at our next Reagan Forum in memory of Joe.

Go with God, dear friend!

Ward Connerly

Community Advocates Inc.

LA Times Obituary

PJ Media

Pacific Legal Foundation




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