Reaffirming Individual Merit Project

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Affirmative action and the system of “diversity” preferences which that system represents is a grave danger to America and all that the nation professes to believe.

America is a country that is dedicated to the proposition that all are created as equals by God, and they are endowed with certain God-given rights that cannot be severed from us as citizens.  To enable Americans to pursue the implementation of these rights, we have enshrined the principles of individual rights and equal treatment in our founding documents. These principles translate into the use of individual merit as the yardstick for measuring accomplishment in America.  Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. called this the “content of our character.”

Individual merit has served our nation well since our founding.  In virtually every sector of American life – business, the arts, sports, to name a few – the supremacy of individual merit has enabled America to excel.                                                                                                                                                                              

Our nation is currently engaged in a nationwide quest for “diversity,” especially in the arena of university admissions.  Because of the profound gap in academic preparation between Asian/white applicants and black/Hispanic applicants, the pursuit of diversity necessarily results in discrimination and reduced standards for some and higher standards required of others.

Regardless of your station in life, the departure from individual merit to the pursuit of diversity affects you.  We therefore solicit your support of our effort to defend and reaffirm individual merit. 

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ACRI has already been successful in eliminating preferences through the passage of amendments to several state constitutions. The next phase of our mission is to challenge the mantra of diversity.  PLEASE JOIN!!!!!

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