How Washingtonians Voted for I-200

The Winning Race

Every thing went wrong for the state of Washington’s I-200 ballot initiative to ban racial preferences–Democratic Gov. Gary Locke fought hard against it, “Big Business” spent “Big Money” to defeat it, the GOP refused to get behind it, and Republicans fared poorly on election day. Despite this, I-200 scored a smashing victory with 58% of the vote. A majority of both men (65%) and white women (51%) supported it. So did every age demographic; all income brackets above $15,000; people at every educational level except high school dropouts, who were too few to count, and post-graduate degree holders, who split 50-50; self-identified moderates; self-identified independents; and even 37% of Democrats. The CNN exit poll, from which these numbers are taken, lacked a breakdown by race and ethnicity because 92% of Washington voters were non-Hispanic whites. Because the white vote matched the overall vote of 58%, however, it seems likely that a majority of Asians and Hispanics also favored I-200.

Source: Numbers provided by a CNN exit poll